Best Paper Award at NURETH-17

September 8, 2017

Our team has won the best paper award at the NURETH-17 conference for the paper titled “Mechanistic Prediction of Wickability and CHF Enhancement on Micro- and Nano-Engineered Surfaces”. The research explored surface engineering solutions to enhance the thermal-hydraulics performance of nuclear reactor claddings and precisely enhance critical heat flux limits. This work was partially funded by Exelon.

M. M. Rahman, C. Wang, G. Saccone, M. Bucci, J. Buongiorno, “Mechanistic prediction of wickability and CHF enhancement in micro- and nano-engineered surface”, 17th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-17), Xi’an, China, September 3 - 8, 2017.